Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gollum's Shelob Trickery

Today in class we talked about how Gollum may/may not have used Shelob for his own devices, but we only discussed it *after* Frodo's semi-treachery at the Pool. I thought I had read that, much earlier, Gollum had hatched the plan to lead them to "her" (Shelob). This was before they even reached the Gates, after the Dead Marshes (halfway down on p268):
"We wants it. But--" and here there was a long pause, as if a new thought had wakened. "Not yet, eh? Perhaps not. She might help. She might, yes."
"No, no! Not that way!" wailed Smeagol.

Could "that way" be the secret passageway that leads to Shelob's lair? Gollum/Smeagol sure is quick to offer another path once they reach the gate, and he even mentions that they would have to find another route to Sam before they realized they couldn't pass through the gates - granted smeagol/gollum muttered it under his breath. If that's true, then Gollum was planning on going against Smeagol's promise to Frodo anyway.


twright said...

I agree and I think Sam has a good idea of that because he obviously doesn’t trust him. Frodo trust him more than Sam does by far, but neither one of them really seems to trust him. They don’t really have a choice but to follow him though.

Thomas said...

Gollum definitely had the idea of allowing Shelob to kill Sam and Frodo so he could reclaim the ring prior to the incident at the Forbidden Pool, and Sam and Frodo (especially Sam) definitely expected Gollum to try something before they reached Orodruin.

I don't think, however, that Sam or Frodo expected Gollum to use another creature to carry out his plan. I think they expected Gollum himself to try something so they were caught off guard when his plan unveiled itself to them.

efowler said...

I have always believed that Gollum was thinking of some plan from the beginning to get the ring back. I realize that he is a genius at not being baught, but he could have taken the ring at several points, all the way back to the Mines of Moria. Sam knows that something is up since their first encounter, but I think Frodo is just so worn out, and his mind is constantly racing with "what ifs" that to think the Gollum may be betraying them is something he is not able to dwell on. Its too exhausting for him to worry.

Danae said...

On page 376, it says "'We'll see, we'll see,' he [Gollum] said often to himself, when the evil mood was on him, as he walked the dangerous road from Emyn Muil to Morgul Vale, 'we'll see. It may well be, O yes, it may well be that when she throws away the bones and the empty garments, we shall find it, we shall get it, the Precious, a reward for poor Smeagol who brings nice food.'" It says "as he walked the road from Emyn Muil" so I agree that it had to be his plan all along

becky said...

Also, Gollum did have the plan to go through the way where he knew Shelob would be at. The three were interrupted and delayed which eventually took us to the Forbidden Pool scene but before that they were on the road (unknowingly as it was) towards Shelob.

Lyndsey said...

Neither one of the hobbits truely trusts Smeagol (Sam less than Frodo), but they know he is their only way of completing their task. They know that they cannot turn back, so they are firced to go on, no matter lies ahead.