Friday, February 8, 2008

poem in a poem?!

In class we spent much time discussing the importance of the "poem within the poem", but what about the story taking place within the story? That lecture reminded me of Bilbo's story that he is writing, which correlates with the actual LotR series. Bilbo is writing a story of all of he and Frodo's adventures, when actually. Tolkien has already done this. Ironic as well?


Doug Simms said... when Bilbo and Frodo are talking at Rivendell, and there's discussion about an ending where "they lived happily ever after"

Likewise, later on in the story, Sam and Frodo have a similar discussion.

Both of these instances are of the same sort of self-reflectivity we discussed in class

Jamie Cox said...

It's almost as if The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are Tolkien's retelling of the "books" Bilbo and Frodo wrote, as if he translated them so that a modern audience would know of an old tale from their history.