Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Reach of the Novels

Being a knitter, I decided to do a search for patterns that were inspired or designed in response to The Lord of the Rings.

I found:

Hobbit socks so that you too can have furry feet:
Socks knit with Tolkien's runes integrated into the stitches themselves:(They say "The Hobbit, Or There and Back Again)

Adorable crocheted hobbits:

A scarf designed with the One Ring's inscription:

And the white tree of Gondor:

I'm always interested to see what sort of a lasting affect that the written word can have on people. It shows the adaptability of the stories and the characters that they can be taken from paper not only to screen, but also into other forms. Like yarn.

- Kelly Huber


Sarah Hoerner said...

Thats pretty neat, I wish I was talented enough to do something like that!

Heather Ater said...

I think that is pretty cool! Now if I only know how to knit?