Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Staying vs Running Away: Honor

We all know that staying to fight during a battle brings much honor even if it means inevitable death. So, of course, we know the alternative is to run. However, it is seldom mentioned that after those who stay to keep their honor are killed, there is a great possibility of an open pursuit for those who run away to loose their lives dihonorably anyway! Just a thought!!!


Sarah Hoerner said...

Yes, but they want to die in honor, they don't mind sacrificing themselves as long as people honor their name. If they choose not to have the honor, they may run away and never have their name remembered by anyone, and continue to live their life in the some what "normal" way instead of having heroism.

Heidi Harshman said...

I hope I'm not getting our classroom discussion confused- but I think a few days ago, we discussed this topic to some extent. Even if a person survived battle, and then were able to run away, they have dishonored themselves so much that they are not able to return to their homeland or their people. Especially if the king himself is killed in battle.

becky said...

Ok, apparently I wasn't clear enough: I was trying to focus on the fact that those who run away- and are dishonored because of it- can still be killed. Enemy kills those who stay, then enemy pursues those who ran away, enemy kills those who ran. The whole point of running away is to keep their lives- point is, they can still die! It is an extra loose situation because they are dishonored AND dead!