Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valhalla and Valinor

So, I just read on Wikipedia (the most reliable source in the world) that elves go to a place called Valinor when they die, much like warriors would go to Valhalla when they died in battle in Norse mythology. Anybody else see connections here?


Doug Simms said...

Valinor here is less of a Valhalla type of place, and more of an Avalon.

Avalon is a mythical realm to the West where the dead go to.

Doty said...

Is Valinor the "West" that all the elves are going to in the trilogy? If so, I could definitely see some very direct connections. I thought that Avalon, though, was more of a permanent resting place. Elves get to return to Middle-Earth, if they so choose, after a certain amount of time spent in Valinor, correct?

I know this doesn't really parallel Valhalla, where they get to battle every day and party every night, but I see a connection with the continuation of activity after death.

Doug Simms said...

Valinor is pretty much end of the line, as I understand it. In the passing of Middle Earth from the age of elves to the age of men, the elves leave for good.

I'll see if I can't find any references to coming back from Valinor. In a way it's the elf equivalent of heaven.