Monday, April 7, 2008


So it's probable that we'll cover this in class today, but I thought that I would go ahead and share my thoughts on how our reading from The Song of Roland reminded me of the Council of Elrond from LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring. Emperor Charles holds a type of council to determine who should be sent out to journey to meet with the pagan king. Several volunteer, but each argues that the other should not be sent or cannot be trusted. It just reminded me when Elrond and company were trying to decide who should be sent to bear the Ring. Elves mistrusted dwarves, and dwarves mistrusted the elves, and men were too prone to fall into the temptation of the Ring's power. I think between the two accounts there are striking similarities.

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efowler said...

Oh thank you- I'm not crazy. I was struck too, at the utter silence of some in attendance, and then when they were volunteered, they were dumbfounded that they would actually have to do something for their country. It seems like in these times, the noblest and the most villanous are revealed. I thought too that Faramir was a lot like Oliver. He may not agree with the orders, but he does them nonetheless and it seems that he holds back his opinions and states them to those whom he knows he won't offend.