Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Existential Villain?

So we've been talking a lot about heroes and their expectations. I was wondering what anyone thought of the villains. I know we've talked about certain characters like the orcs, urk-hai and Saruman, but do they follow the same patterns of expectations as our heroes? What are everyone else's thoughts?


Megan Becker said...

I think that they do. You know they are going to evil, mean, backstabbing, and most of the time different from everyone else, both in the way they speak and look. I think this is a great observation, too!

Rocky said...

You could say the same for Smeagul. He was once good, but he was corrupted by the power of the ring. He was transformed into a villain, and it was only a matter of time before he showed his treacherous ways. Smeagul helped Frodo when it was beneficial to him. Likewise, he turned on Frodo. Both of Smeagul’s actions were to help Smeagul. Being a villain means doing what they want for their own benefit regardless of the consequences for others. These are the patterns and expectations that villains must follow.