Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oliver and roland

I just thought it was funny and I woundered if any one else would to. I could not help but, laugh when they were talking about oliver not taking the time to pull out his sword. Oliver said he just did not have time to because he was to busy fighting. I felt like roland was teasing his friend so I thought it was funny. I wounder if you would realy have time to have a conversasion whild in battle?


Megan Becker said...

I noticed that part to and thought it was pretty funny. As for the question, I think anything is possible in a story. I mean, look at the LotR. They are always talking in the middle of battles! Also, in the Song of Roland, everything is exaggerated and repeated over and over. Maybe they just had to fill up space. :)

Tim said...

I thought that it was also funny how when there was one-on-one battles, that it took a whole section to tell this and then, that it was more or less repeated with just different names or words for something like 5 pages. It adds to the exciting parts of the battle I suppose, but when reading about the same exact thing for 5 pages, it is almost like a big long joke of who can kill who the most.

Heather Ater said...

I was thinking about was everyone said and they kinda do the same things in movies nowadays too. I think it is jusst something we are all kinda used to, but still funny at the same time.